Psalm 2: Christ in the Crosshairs

Psalm 2 is all about a great and mighty king. This is the king of kings; the one whom every king, president, taoiseach, and prime minister must bow down before, worship and obey. Of course, this could only be King Jesus himself.

This psalm shows us that there are many mighty people who despise King Jesus and want to overthrow him, but that wonderfully, his victory has never been in doubt. 

Psalm 1: How to be happy

Over the next few months, we will be looking at the Book of Psalms. These are the only songs God has given us to sing in his praise and as we consider the message of these psalms, our praise will be enriched.

The first psalm is a wonderful introduction to the book. As we sing through the psalmbook, we are confronted with a wide range of emotion, including hurt and despair; yet right at the start God is telling us that it is possible to be happy and blessed.

This is the first part of our study in this psalm, in the second part we considered how Jesus Christ is the blessed man who is described here.